Sunday, September 26, 2010

In between the MADNESS!

I guess this quote is true. This past week has been so frustrating and overall just plan confusing.

My temp time has been extended at work, but I dont know for sure what is next for me there.

First off, I have been there for my 90 day period and have been successful, but the main person that was able to help me out didn't take notice because they thought I didnt want to stay. They didn't even know I had a degree. Of course the person I interviewed with knew but I guess all in all I was doing well for someone who couldnt help me at I am just simply frustrated!!!

I have given it to God and did have the opportunity of speaking with the one person I was suppose to speak to all along to show my seriousness about staying and what I am all about.

On a positive note, I have lately been into getting my external beauty in check. I dont know what it is, but all of a sudden, I am loving being a lady. I ordered and received my things from this weekend, and I also found out about an accessory shop called Charming Charlie...omG...I spent $80 there and it was my first time shopping there. I usually dont spend that much at one time on accessories. If you havent checked them out please will not be disappointed. Also I got the Caruso Roller Steam Set this weekend also and I absolutely love it!!!!!

I have never been a girly girl. I still dont wear heels but I am open now to buy them. I am into makeup like Ive never been before. I dont know whats going on but Im liking it. I guess it's just me finally trying to become into my own and let's just be honest, I am tired of being single and lonely....time to step it up!!!!

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  1. I have never been a girly girl neither but a couple of years ago something changed in me and i started buying more girly clothes, make up and doing a little extra before i went out. I think its jus age you get older you change how you view things.