Tuesday, June 30, 2009

night time by b. bereal...:)

Just heard it and I LOVE it!

I was just a girl...

Hello how are yall? Me? Im just sitting here reminiscing....

I am now 21 years old (May 8th), and I just cant believe how the time is passing by so fast. I cant believe all of things that have happened in my life thus far...all of the many good things. There has been alot I have definitely been protected from by me simply being me. I am happy for the good and bad choices because I can stand and be proud of the young lady I am today. I am proud to be a role model, a friend, and one day a lover to that special someone.

How many of you can say the same?!?

Well, be you and stay true...:)

Here's the quote of the day: And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln

Monday, June 29, 2009

God is so awesome!!!

Hello everyone...how are yall? Im doing exceptionally well given circumstance:)

I just want to dedicate this entry to the most high. He is simply so awesome. I was sitting here thinking about all the things I dont have (no job, money, and friends are few), and I had to slap myself into shape because how dare I feel this way when I am still breathing, still in my right mind, still becoming what He wants me to be, still have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on the table. I just want to express that I am grateful for everything. Thank You God for what you are doing in my life. Thank You for showing me what true love is and patience. I think that I need to stop comparing myself to others because my story isnt going to be like anyone elses story, and just because some seem to be excelling or have it better than me right now in this time, this is my time to really get to know me and realize things that maybe I couldnt realize if I had job or was busy doing something else. I know You have something in store for me financially, mentally, and physically because if not you would be all a lie, and I know that is a LIE! You are the truth and You are so real and I love the way You make me feel for real...

I love You I love You
I love You Lord today
Because You cared for me
In such a special way
Thats why I praise You and I lift You up
And I magnify Your name
Thats why my heart is filled with praise
My heart, my mind, my soul belongs to You
You paid the price for me
Way back on calvary
And yes Ill praise You and Ill lift You up
And Ill magnify Your name
Thats why my heart is filled with praise

If you dont know Him...please get to know Him. He is the only way to make it through life:)

Here is a verse to manifest...John 14:6-Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

it is what it is... (poem)

life is a turntable
everything swiches to coexistence
no longer am i able to put up or know your type of patience
i want it all at once
my dreams and goals i run at steady pace until i'm done
no longer caring for dance and fun
i am here alone
it is no surprise
because we all grow from
those that aren't for us now
or just through time
but sometimes i do press rewind
and remind myself of once when
cause u can't forget then
right there it all started
where u were their target
good thing trouble don't last always
so that you can enjoy the days
the days of happyness and joy
of your duties you employ
God has shown himself true
and now i must follow through
leaving behind friends, family, and worldly possessions
for it is the lesson of transgression
that is keeping me from stressing
i will recieve the blessing
there is no second guessing
i bring it back to you
and hope you realize the true
words that im giving
just keep on living
God is forgiving....
by Dominique N. R.

Friday, June 26, 2009

How many us really have them...???

Hello...how are you? Im doing good today:) but of course there are some things I am thinking about...

So the subject of today is Friends: How many of us really have them?

What do you do when you finally realize that your friends and you are in not totally different places like 100% but 80% different places (if that makes any sense at all). Yes you still have those moments where you love to talk to them, give advice, or even just be there to listen. There is still that common ground but its that 20% that you just dont agree with and that 20% (you know) will sooner or later turn into double lol...just follow me and hear me out....

Okay so i love who I surround myself with (treat them like sisters). I have learned so much through the years just by their presence, and I guess you can say Im that friend that will be here literally through thick and thin when no one else is here. I have learned the hard way that thats just how I am period, and sometimes people take it as a weakness and uses it againist me as in they know no matter what if no one else cares I will ALWAYS lol (no seriously), so there is no need to worry or put too much energy with doing their part as a friend because of course I am always going to be here right?

My friends know me. They know there are just some things Im not going to do and being that I am 21 you would think I would be interested in things such as partying (i am but not to the extreme of others...i believe in having a good time but you know), drinking, being sexually active, etc., but Im just simply not. I like a quiet night at home with a movie and popcorn. I like writing poetry and reading things that stimulate my mind. I like having a closer relationship with God. I like walks in the park lol...hey thats just me. It doesnt take much. But Neways I know that this is not true for most my age, and Im cool with that. I like being different, but what I dont like is when people dont include you or dont share things with you because of how they think you are going to respond right off the back, but we are suppose to be friends!?!. Thats when it becomes just simply unfair. Just because I dont necessarily do certain things does not mean that I dont want to have fun and enjoy myself (within reason).

Maybe I am too spiritual or little miss goody 2 shoes (some people say) but I mean what is wrong with that. What is wrong with wanting to be right? Im not pressuring you to be me or here to put you down. This is just the way I choose to live my life feel me? So yea someone tell me what you think about this...this is just me of course expressing some things that I have been on my mind for a while and I am just ready to express them because maybe some didnt know how it feels to always know that you will always be isolated because of how you choose to live your life. Also this goes far beyond friends. It can be any relationship you may be in or situation. Let me know your thoughts....

My definition of a friend: caring, trustworthy, honesty, able to share anything with, loving, there no matter what, understanding

If my definition is wrong please let me know cause I dont want to keep living with this definition if it is incorrect.

Well like always here is the quote of the day: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. - Walter Winchell

Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop

Rest in peace Michael Jackson...
Live your life to the fullest because you never when it will be your time to leave this life, so appreciate today because it can be gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going Through...

Hello...how are you? me? ummm idk

Okay so I am at home with nothing to do, and I'm good with that. But there is one problem. Right now so many things are running through my mind about my family, finances, and where I am going in this life. I just need someone to pray for me seriously because it is becoming so heavy to bare. I'm tired of all the negativity, and furthermore I am just ready to get away...far far away just for a moment from it all. There has to be a blessing somewhere, somehow, just something...anything. I know this is all jambled and a little confusing, but I just need to know from someone, anywhere, if you are reading this, what do you do when you are in the storm and it seems like everyone else is enjoying the sunshine?

Well, here is the quote for today: Don't ask for a light load, but rather ask for a strong back.-Anonymous

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just stopping through....

Hello world...I thought I just come and share a few words. I am still working out and trying to just be healthy all the way around. Also I am trying to discover new hobbies...I'm thinking of learning how to sew or crochet...what you think??? Well neways just thought I post something since I havent in a while:) See ya and talk to you...i mean blog you sooner or whoever stops by peace and love and all that stuff...btw here is a quote for the day: Get your thoughts out of the realm of concrete and into the realm of gorgeous possibility:)

Monday, June 15, 2009



Today was an ok day. I woke up feeling like I needed to start something new and refreshing since I just wake up and do nothing all day since I'm out for summer. I decided to start working out and just getting alot of things right positively. God is steady telling me to get me right first mentally and physically so I will be ready for what he has to do for me career wise and financially. I guess you can say everything comes with a cost, so I have decided to dedicate an hour a day to myself. Sometimes we forget about our health and us overall as a physical being because we are so focused on other things. Remember if God has a plan for your life all you can do is have faith because what God has for you it is for you. Though things look unfamilar and just simply impossible, know God is with you so endure the rain because the sun is about to shine. NEWAYS...I have some good news. I got a letter in the mail Saturday from UNCF, and it was a scholarship for $5000. Also I looked at my financial aid report for my senior year, and everything is paid for of course and on top of that I'll be getting a $2600 refund. God is so awesome. I can truely say that I am in awe of Him. He just keeps proving himself over and over again. It is just amazing. There are still somethings unclear about what job I will have when I graduate, when I will be able to get my first car, but HE STILL IS, and as long as GOD IS I'm good! I cant ask for more. All I have to is keep the faith! Here is a quote for today: Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. - Soren Kierkegaard

God bless:)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello everyone this is Dominique. I am a senior at Wilberforce University (yay!!! may 2010 it is going down! lol), and I enjoy reading, writing, and music. I am a fun, focused, determined, diligent, and anaytical individual with much to accomplish. I am here to share my feelings, joys, pains, sunshine, and the rain all in one, so if you need to talk, want to hear the real, or just need to know that you are not alone in this thing called Life, then I AM HERE to be myself, learn, and grow, and maybe inspire and encourage someone along the way, so with all that said I am going to leave you with this poem I wrote....

the sun will come out tomorrow by Dominique N. R.
im moving steady at my own pace
feet planted on the ground as i walk through the sand
im ready getting set to go
i look over my shoulder to remember
i see you, me, and us
and i close my eyes and take a deep breathe
thats the last time now to my new beginning
journey unfolds
i look foward to the sun in the distance
its radiance keeps me in a wonder
one day my time will come
as i live, laugh, and love
positivity stays in my radar
my child it will all be worth it
just keep the faith til the morning and thereon
holding on to my patience and longevity
keeping no record of wrong
reminiscing of the lessons learned
i smile and look up once more
my dreams are clearer
the love of my life, seeds, and opportunity
i see them as they stare back at me
my wonderful garden
Your words of wisdom, strength, and courage
i keep and love You forever
i treasure the union
fear has to surrender
destination awaits