Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treat God as your first love!

If I havent gotten anything out of today, it is treat God as your first love.

Often God gets put on the back burner because we may be heartbroken or going through a situation that we dont understand. Well if you were treating God as your first love, He would be all you think about, who you would call on when trouble arise and essentially would be all there is to turn to period.

Stop looking for man to cure your broken heart. Only God can control that outcome.
I need to stop consuming my thoughts on people who have often made it clear that I am no longer important in their lives (or never was in the first place). God is trying to talk and be there, but I only give Him a part-time me and expect Him to be here full-time. What nerve right?

I need to get back to reading my scripture, praying, and just reaching out to Him completely. Since I have been working, I make mental excuses (I'm too tired, dont have time, etc.). What if God had excuses? HMMMM....


  1. You are completely right. I am guilty of this as well. I need to give God more time and attention. Also, never make someone a priority when you are an option or not important. I had to learn that the hard way as well. Don't give someone your all when they give you next to nothing. It would seem as if you would turn to God when you're going through, but that's the time some people turn away, I am guilty of that as well, but we are all trying to grow stronger in our faith

  2. this is so true and this is where i'm at i am renewing my relationship with him so that i can be what he would have me to be.