Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Little Girl Dreams - It is Time!

I really do not know how to start this blog post, but I am choosing to type (speak) from the heart.

How did I get here...? I could only imagine what my younger self is feeling about who and what I have become thus far. I am inspired to have a conversation with her....that little girl with high hopes and dreams. When did I stop daydreaming?

Sometimes in life we just have to step back and put things in God's focus. You cannot figure out life on your own and neither can you live this life with peace, love, power, joy, happiness, and sound mind without God. As I pour out, I pray that you gain a new perspective and this helps you in your life as well. I love you all.

Let's just be honest....

I commend you for your ability to never give up. However, I do not like what I see. You cry and worry way too much over things that God has given you the power to speak over. This fight is not yours. Hand it over....to GOD!

I commend you for your ability to figure everyone else out and hold their deepest treasures. However, when are you going to look at me in the mirror? Stop being insecure. You are enough. You are rare for all the right reasons. God made you beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I commend you for surviving thus far, but it is time to live. Yes a lot is at stake but the crown of life is worth so much more. You are a ruby...more than diamonds and pearls.

I admire your giving heart and spirit. However, when will you put your gifts to good use? This little girl is cheering and waiting on you. God needs you to push through.

God has given you a voice not just to sing but to speak for those that walk/tip toe in silence. For those women who know there is something missing but cannot seem to put it into words. You are a wife and a mother. Your wait is the time to serve. These gifts are not your own.

You can have a life of FreeDom if you start to believe like you used to. See, this is nothing new for you. People see your light but you continue to allow it to dim. The enemy has been on your trail this whole time. BUT for once and for all, it is time to STAND UP & OUT!!!

Sing like never before, Teach like never before. Speak like never before. Write it like never before.

This is our time...I am just here to remind you, QUEEN.

I will make you proud little girl :) My words are coming into action and I aint got no worries. I am a QUEEN. I have a Father in heaven that loves me more than any man can. He is waiting on me. Blessings will pour and this moment will be marked down in my story as the day of breakthrough and overcome. The day that changed everything. The start of my new book and my new day. I declare I am awake and willing to run with God until eternity :)

Hope you, yes you ;), reading this feels the same way and speak these similar declarations over your life. God wants to bless you...what are you willing to sacrifice? What is your inner little boy or little girl hope for you? Are you making them proud today?

Peace to you and love always - Dominique

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