Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Nothing in life comes to you without sacrifice, grace, or effort. In order for something to happen in your life, you have to make the moves and do what is necessary to get to where you want to be. Through it all, with prayer, you can achieve anything that passes through your mind.

Right now I am in the process of finding a job. You would think since I am a college graduate jobs would be just lined up for me but that's not the case. You still have to fight. It is like starting from square one all over again. I am a freshmen of the real world. But I happy to see that my work is not in vain. I have interviews set and possibly a definite job opening, so please continue to pray for me.

Watch God work for you. If you trust in Him and give your life totally to Him, He will give you all the desires of your true heart.


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  1. You always speak the truth!: ) Good luck with all the job interviews.