Wednesday, May 12, 2010

now that things have calmed down and i am starting to get settled at home i can blog a little bit more often.

i have decided to gain work experience back here at home (im still applying for jobs...pray for me) and think of grad school for fall 2011.

i am getting used to driving my car in this houston traffic (its tough yall...i feel like im learning to drive all over again). i am trying to drive everyday to get used to it. i dont know where to go. ive always said that when i get a car i will be everywhere but home but that is not the case lol

i have started exercising again with my mom and sister...hopefully we stick to it.

all in all i am getting ME straight and worrying about everything else in its time. i cant sweat the small stuff ne longer. LET GO AND LET GOD!

well i have nothing else to say. i will ttyalllater:)

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  1. This is all sounds really goood.. and I love your music playlist.