Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a little update...

hello all and welcome new inspirations...:)

as you all know i am a college graduate looking for a JOB (yes i am still looking but some things are in the works so i am not giving up...it will come in its time).

i am enjoying being home and the many blessings God keeps showing me everyday...it's amazing how there are so many people on your side even though you feel the most alone.

all in all God is good and i think i am more accustomed to Houston's traffic now (love my car btw...havent found a personal name for it yet).

i cant believe it is june already!...i have been exercising for 3 weeks now...i havent been keeping track of weight loss but my clothes are looser so i must be loosing something...i will keep you updated on that.

i dont have neplans for the summer just yet but i do want to continue to get healthy and learn how to swim...those are my two goals for right now and of course the JOB thing but i know that will soon come...

well i will definitely ttyl and again it is nice to see some more new inspirations!:)



  1. aww the job will definitely come through in time just have patience.Its amazing i love blogger it keeps me inspired hearing all the ladies stories about everything from getting healthy to make-up!!!! goOdluck with your workouts!

  2. you will get a job soon! i am still in the same boat! and good luck with you workouts!