Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i feel bamboozled...

I am so tired of being lonely PERIOD....

One day I am happy with being single, the next I just need someone to talk to...

Why does my mind linger to the past...?

Is this whats holding me back from being not lonely...HMPH!

I know this is super random but you guys I just dont know nemore yall...

Maybe being with someone is not meant for me...

Maybe Im meant to be alone right now (well, for the past 22 years...but whose counting)


  1. Hey mami,
    I feel you. I remember sitting in my room thinking the same thing. I would be happy being single then I would long to be with someone. That prince of yours is coming. Life likes to throw him in when your not looking. Just live your life, forget about what if, and sooner then you know it...he will walk into your arms...i promise. :)

  2. Aw, if it's meant to be then it will. Just when you're not expecting it, thats when it happens.

  3. i totally understand where you are coming from, its just one of those things. I have the same moments one moment I am perfectly happy just being me and myself, then I want someone and ache with an extreme loneliness. I just give it to God and say Lord you said that it was not good for man to be alone that is why you gave Adam Eve, and Lord i am lonely please send my husband and then I find peace and wait on his promise. The last thing I want to do is go looking for love in all the wrong places. Hang in there when it happens it'll be perfect!

  4. I get you. I've been through it. But try to enjoy your singledom; it's a blessing in disguise!;)

  5. girl I am in the same boat sometimes I wonder if there is some out there really for me..! I am 21 and I have never been in a real relationship ever..! I hope he comes soon because I am tired of waiting..! lol..

  6. I have been in my feelings about this as well...and I'm 28...you guys are still young! LOL! All I can say is that whomever he is, is still being fashioned to fit us. Waiting isn't my strongpoint but the waiting game is all I've been playing. I should be the champion and the game should be over by now! It is especially hard when almost everyone around you are in relationships and starting families and yout single self sticks out like a sore thumb...I'm sure there are great things in store for they that wait. Keep the faith about it even when your mind says otherwise.

  7. this is EXACTLY how i been feeling for a while.. at times i feel like i'm NOT meant to be in a relationship but i know deep down inside God would not do that to me! our prince charming is out there somewhere!