Thursday, December 9, 2010

to my are not ALONE:)

I just wanted to write this post to all of my inspirations. I want to thank you for your kinds words and just always giving me your time of day. On a recent post, I randomly spoke on being lonely. Yes, I feel lonely at times, but I found out that I'm not the only which really made me feel that this is an issue that many of us face. I even went as far as to do research and it is just amazing to me to see how many of us face this on a daily.

I spoke to a BEAUTIFUL person, and she gave me some very encouraging words. She told me about finding out exactly what I am longing for. Right now, friends are few and not having that special someone adds to this thing that I am feeling right now, loneliness.

I have so many wonderful things going on with me right now, and I just refuse to let the enemy trick me into down playing my blessings. I refuse to let the enemy steal my joy or try to play mind games!

I want to give some encouraging words to my inspirations. Know that you are not alone even when you feel your lonliest because we have each other. I may not know you all personally, but I do know that we are all connected in one way or many others. WE ARE NOT ALONE as long as we keep this in my mind. God loves you. He wants the best for you, so I will assume He is saving the best for last as the saying goes. The BEST is yet to come. Continue to do you, accept things you cant change, and love yourself!

XOXO I love you all:)

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