Wednesday, August 10, 2011

apartment or townhouse

so ive been permanently working for 8 months now and i am of course getting the urge to find my own place. however, i want to be smart about it. i have been saving like crazy and have enough money to make the moves i will choose to make. im at a crossroads between getting an apartment or townhouse. the pros and cons are almost equal for both so idk...what do you think?! ... any advice is greatly appreciated.:)


  1. I'd say Townhouse as well...but you'll save money if you go the apartment all depends on how many units the apt has, is it loud,the neighborhood/environment comes into play as well, etc?! Overall the townhouse, if in a better neighborhood, with better neighbors, lol, is a better deal...just a little pricier!

  2. Thanks you guys!!! I will focus on townhomes:)