Saturday, August 13, 2011

this past week was crazy...

At work, I have been given more responsibility and so far, I will say that I am handling it well BUT let's just say it aint easy holding it all together. When I get home, I am completely flustered and just want to crash hence why my social life suffers (and this blog too). Thursday night it was so bad that I cried. I am laying in my bed trying to fall asleep and it all came at once. The tears just came and honestly, they just literally came and the thoughts came after. There are so many changes going on in my life right now. Most are for the good, I know. BUT, going through this fire is crazy. I know someday I will be pure gold, but the road to get there is very cloudy and smoky (this is the best way I can explain).

My mind is steady moving and it hasnt had the chance to release...I need to get back to that. Back to writing, reading, studying, and above all, back to me.

I would like to pose this do you juggle life's battles? How do you make time for you?

Well until next time ttyl:)

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