Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Me and Airplanes dont get along...

Hey everyone...How are you guys? I am starting class and figuring alot of things out...

Well I told y'all I had a story to tell you guys...it is kind of too late to talk about it because it is no longer fresh on my brain but Ill tell it anyways...

So last Wednesday night I was getting ready to come back to school and i couldnt go straight to sleep because I was excited about coming back to school in a good n bad way but neways I ended up going to sleep around 3am and my plane was scheduled to depart at 8:55 am.

My mom and I leave the house Thurs. morning at 7:45 am. It takes maybe 15-20 min to get to the airport so that would mean that I would be getting to the airport in good timing like I always do for the past three years I have been going back and forth from Texas to Ohio where I attend school.

I get to the airport at 8:05 am. I am at the check-in counter at 8:10 am. As I am checking in immediately the agent pulls me and another black girl to the side while asking what time is both of our flights (mind you we were the only two he pulled to the side. also it takes maybe 30 seconds to check-in and 15 min to go through security..so I would have been right on time for my flight like I am always for the past three years). We both coincidentally were on the same flight. He tells us we can not check in because we are too late. So Im like okay..."sir I still have time to check in...me standing here is not helping that" (we go back and forth for 30 mins...I of course at this point cannot catch my flight because of the agent. I was suppose to arrive in Ohio at 2:30 pm and be picked up by the university van at 4:00 pm(not trying to catch a cab because thats too much money...around $75-$85...NOT happening). He is like there is another flight headed out to Ohio but wont be able to make it to my destination until 6pm so I explain how either he is going to have to pay for my cab fair or we need to figure something else out. At this point Im like I gotta call my mama and daddy and they are going to be upset. I knew right then Aug. 6, 2009 was just not my day. So he is like well we have a flight for tomorrow at 6 am. I will now have to go back home and be at the airport at 4 am the next morning (pissed off!)

Once I go back home, I try to call the corporate office for this airline. I get absolutely no response. They tell me I have to send them an email and there is nothing they can do. Well of course having the father I have thats just not going down. So we go back to the airport at like noon and me and my dad speak to the agent. The agent of course is like you were late and thats that. We speak to his supervisor and she is like there is nothing we can do (we knew that I was still going to have to take the next flight out but right now we are looking for some compensation or something because my plans were altered in all kinds of ways). So my dad is like is there any number that I can call someone directly and to get some direct answers as to really why I was not able to get on the plane. The supervisor gives her direct number knowing my dad wanted to speak to anyone other than her (she thought she was slick...she just wanted him to get out of her face) Ironically, there was another passenger in my same predicament arguing about how he was not able to check in because he was "late". But neways my dad pulls out his cell phone as we are leaving out the door and the same agent picks up the phone...we were like "are you serious" (talk about insulting someones intelligence) Why would you give me your number when you are the one we are having problems with).

From there we just give up (we made a few more calls and gave up), but later on that day we were sent an email for a voucher.

I wanted to tell this story because it is just evident that you cant just let people run over you. If you pay for something, you should be able to have great customer service no matter if you are in the right or wrong. I cant even tell you how rude and inconsiderate the agents were and on top of that they tried to insult my intelligence. After my dad and I talked about the situation, we used common sense and realized that the plane had to be overbooked because I have been catching flights like this all 3 years I have attended school. It was just all the way strange. I have never been done like this and on top of that, we couldnt get in contact with the airline to express what happened.

Well, Im here at the good ol WU but it is just amazing how much happens just to get here. Something always happens to me with the airport. They have lost my luggage like all the times...it shocks me that I actually receive my luggage on time, put me on the wrong flight (I was suppose to be headed to Ohio and I ended up in North Carolina..true story lol), and everything above. I guess me and airplanes just dont get along!!!!

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