Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where am I going???

Somewhere over the rainbow
Somewhere over the rainbow by K e y t o m y H e a r t ஜ on

Hello you guys...

I am of course bored as ever and looking at or trying rather to figure things out as far as what exactly I will be doing when I graduate....

I am thinking about graduate school but I dont think my mind will be mentally ready for it after I graduate...I need a break from school seriously...

I am thinking about finding an internship back at home but I dont really know where exactly I would like to start my professional work experience. This stuff is just straight confusing. I wish I could write blogs all day and get paid lol

I am beginning to think that maybe I shouldnt have majored in business management because this field is very competitive and I am beginning to really doubt myself (cant stand that feeling...somebody help me???)

I just really need to get my foot in the door but it seems no one wants to give me a chance to prove myself (is there anyone else that feels this way). I have all the credentials and the most potential in the world...maybe He has a big plan for me. It is like when will my time come??????...Ive been waiting like forever for everything literally in life (car, job, special someone, graduation, money, and the list goes on and on).

btw I thought these items were cute...


  1. cute outfits! and girl i understand! i am thinking about the same stuff when i graduate. & paying off student loans as well. I am second thinking my major but I feel that I will do whatever i put my mind to! and you will too! ask the Lord to guide your steps :)
    & i love ur playlist :)

  2. oooooooooooohhhhhh...that little denim romper is cuuuuuuuutee! Thats a must have! ;)

    -kelly of *AF