Monday, March 22, 2010

After Graduation

Hello you guys...I am at work thinking as usual...I have decided to write my plans down for here they go:

  • Find a job within my field from a recordable company (Fortune 500 Company possibly)
  • Work for 2-3 years
  • Open a savings account for grad school, the GMAT, apartment, and other expenses


  • Apply to Graduate School right out of undergrad perferably to University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX
  • Get a regular job on the side (can be minimum wage)- save money in time span for expenses


  • Apply to recieve my Teacher's Certificate
  • Substitue teach for a while and work my way up

I am content with all three plans, and I want to accomplish them all but I just dont know in which order I would like to accomplish them. They are however listed according to priority levels. I will already have a car because my parents are getting that for me as a graduation present, so thankfully I will be mobile and able to get around to whatever opportunity comes my way. I of course want to come back home because that is just the place where I am most sane, comfortable, and just overall Houston is a place of familarity and has great opportunities as far as entry level positions.

I am apart of the Scholar's Program here at Wilberforce, and I was granted the opportunity to speak with a young lady that has recieved her MBA (my goal) and she basically just told me to look for a job first and worry about grad school later because experience of course over powers everything. Yes I am intelligent enough to go straight to grad but it is in my best interest to find a job first and work my way from there because that is simply my issue. I have the GPA, recommendations, and I am pretty sure if I study hard for the GMAT I will do well but I just dont have enough creditable experience and I just refuse to come to another school like Wilberforce to recieve my Master's (I need something Ivy League). But neways I havent really spoke to God sincerely that much about this situation in recent time because I have simply drained the situation out but this just came to mind to me today so I am hoping this is Him speaking to me because it feels right.

Well I will definitely keep you guys updated and informed on opportunities that are going to come my way (I claim that in the name of Jesus!!!)


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