Monday, March 8, 2010

Young Heart.

this is exactly how i am feeling right now. sometimes we just need that little reminder. confusion is not an easy thing to deal with esp. when the pressure seems to linger at every corner. learning who you are, accepting it, and lastly loving it can take a lifetime but you must have your own starting point. there is no need to focus on others and waste your energy on those you will never please. there is no need to be sad and mope around like the world is against you. rejoice and be glad for life and love wherever it comes from.

the hardest thing to deal with is inside of your mind. i battle daily with the negative comments to being indecisive. not knowing what is next is something that i am learning to let go of and to just simply live in this precious time and moment. God, i believe, wants us to be worry free and does not work in a woeful environment. He wouldn't be God in that was the case.

so...i think i will enjoy this young heart while i still have the chance....

BTW i took my grad pics (they came out pretty...they will be coming soon) and is getting ready to graduate MAY 1ST!!!!!!! i can not wait!!! STAY TUNED!

-xoxo, Dominique

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