Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello everyone:)

I really need to get back to working out. I feel so guilty, so I have made up in my mind that Monday I am going to start back.

Recently, I went out to lunch with someone that I work with and she told me that she works out at the gym in our building around noon during her lunch hour for $25 a month. Thats was my clarification that I need to get back to working out because I can do it home for free. I have a heavy duty treadmill at home that doesnt ever work out you can think of and I walk pass it everyday after work when I get home. Matter of fact it is in a folded position (meaning it is locked until you unfold it to use it).

I dont what it is about me that makes me start and stop. Sometimes I dont even know that I have stopped a routine until time has passes and I start thinking or someone else brings it up.

I thought that by me blogging about it, I would keep up with it. BUT, of course yet again, I STOPed.

I am going to start working out on Monday, though for real. Im not going to change my eating habits or start a routine. I am just going to simply do it.

BTW church was good today. The pastor spoke on sin and realizing that we all have sinned. There is no use in hiding it. Also, we all need a comfort esp. in these times. You cant figure everything out on your own. That's why Jesus was sent not only for our sins but as a comfort for us all to run to and follow:)

ALSO, i finished reading Mary Mary's "Be U." It is an awesome book. It really is a great read as well as a daily devotion. PLEASE go get it and check it out for yourself. I havent gotten around to Shei Atkins' "Get a Man, Keep a Man" so in the near futire be on a look out for a review:)



  1. we can help eachother stay on track i've been slacking too and im planning on getting it together this week as well. i'm definitely gonna check out the mary mary book i've been looking for a new book to read.

  2. you can do it girlie! work out work out!

  3. good luck girl