Friday, July 2, 2010

a little update...

This is my official goodbye to the dear 'ol WU (Wilberforce University)
This is the dorm I called a second home for 4 years.
This is the legendary fountain where we came together to pray and hang out.

Hey I was off of work...I am off until Tuesday(yay!)

I got my official degree in the mail. I was so excited to receive it through the mail(yay!...again). This definitely made me it all feel official and I just cant stop thanking God.

I have learned so many things as a college student.

I learned confidence, friendship, success, pain, trust, love, and everything in between. I couldnt see the blessings then, but I really honestly thank God for allowing me to learn so many lessons.

Now that I am working, I am so grateful. So far, I love the surroundings and the people. I am learning so many things. I have a hint of what it feels like to EARN money (btw I got my first paycheck on Thursday!).


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  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!! I remember the feeling of graduating and thinking of all my school memories, its such a warm fuzzy feeling.