Saturday, October 2, 2010

need this in my life!!!

Happy Saturday!!!! I see some new inspirations! yay!!! Welcome!!!

I am so happy to have made it to another weekend:) and another month...we are in the 4th quarter now y'all!

Quick Update: By mid-October (next two weeks), I should be hired permanently. Since working, I have been saving like crazy and so far I have a little over $2400 saved...Are you proud of me?:)...I have never saved money like that before. I have been putting aside 1/2 of my check every week. I only slipped maybe once or twice because I had other things I needed to do (like paying down my credit card...I am at the half way mark on that and that should be paid in full by the end of this year...yay!!!).

My plan is to be able to find my own apartment by next year May. So far, that doesnt seem like an impossibility.

I can't wait until Jazmine Sullivan's "Love Me Back" album comes out. It comes out November 30th, so mark your calenders!!!

She looks so lovely as always. I love her style not just musically but fashion wise too. I get alot of ideas from her.

Neways...have a great day and remember...there is only 1 life to live so live it to your best potential!

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