Saturday, January 7, 2012

be patient.

this first week of the new year has really shown me that through patience you can allow your life to fall in its rightful place. we pray and hope that God listens but we forget the fact that He is there all the time. this week started off on 1/1/12 with my girls. we connected for one of my friends b-day and it really and truly made me feel grateful and appreciative for the few friends i do have. it is just amazing to see how far we all have come (all college graduates...whoop whoop!!!). i am so proud of each and every one of them and i know God has so many things in store for them. somehow i could feel the genuineness (if thats a word lol) and the unspoken bond. God i thank U right now!!! later on in this week i started back at work with a new attitude and an open mind. with that said, by letting go of figuring out what was next for me and giving it completely to God, it has definitely been a weight off my shoulders. i know this sounds like a ramble but if you've made it this far, there is a moral...just wait for it lol. on Wednesday, i was able to link up with a lady i have been looking up to since my permanent start with the job i am at now and finally i asked her to be my mentor. she accepted and Lord knows it can only get better for me. hopefully i will be able to decide if where i am now is where i will ultimately be. same day, i was granted an opportunity to give support on a major project that im sure if everything goes well, it will attest to my capability and could help me further my career (i can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me!!!). the opportunity started the next day, Thursday. if you know me well, i am very anxious, indifferent, and excited all at once when something like this happens to me. Wednesday night my stomach was in knots. i even contemplated about giving a reason why i shouldnt take the opportunity. dare i say i was fearful and all the "i can do all things through Christ that strengthens me" was out the window. but God willing i was successful on Thursday and cannot wait to continue and learn as much as possible from the experience.

the moral of the story is let it go and give it to God completely, not partially, not 50%, not 99.9%, but COMPLETELY. let Him fulfill your dreams. He will not allow you stay in one place forever but you gotta be patient! i know bad days come and Lord knows i have had my few but through it all, God was there all the time. so my mindset now and going forward is through every test, struggle, or situation, God has complete control even though you may feel you have some control. He knows all. one day you could be living under a bridge and the next you are the president of the U.S.A. (i know thats a stretch...but thats just the God i believe i serve). put all your trust in Him and watch Him work.

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