Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello you guys....

My mind is so full right now

I have much to do in so little time...hmwk is starting to pile up...organization is getting out of wack....I am constantly forgetting to do certain things...what do I do?

This semester is flying by too fast for me but I do need a much needed break...Its just too much going on right now...deadlines are approaching and I am a person that likes to have my stuff in order or have an idea of whats to come than it just slapping me in the face...again I ask what do I do?? (seriously).

So much is coming up and I dont have a clue where to start...this job thing is looking not so much is just on my mind right now...I need a brain release.

Btw how are you guys?


  1. I get this way alot. Every time.. I make a list of stuff I need to do.. then highlight/underline the ones I need to do asap! I keep that list until everything is complete.. It really helps.. I still have a list from over the summer.. <3 Haha.. but Im gonna get to all those things finished ; ) It really helps.

  2. this is exactly how i have been feeling lately, I'm stressing out with all this school work, assignments and deadlines are getting ridiculous.. =/