Saturday, October 17, 2009


i was just on pia lashay's blog @ <<----Check it out!

and she wanted everyone to make a list of goals/wishlist to accomplish by the end of 2009 and here is mines:

1. lose 10 lbs.
2. put money in savings
3. have an idea of what I will be doing when I graduate
4. switch up my wardrobe with more colors I wouldnt normally wear
5. be in a content state
6. do something new while Im at home for winter break like going to a poetry lounge, just something grown up
7. get straight A's for this semester
8. meet new people

I was going to try to make it to 10 but this is it for now...Ill probably continue it later if something else comes up...:)

Btw I want everyone to do their own 2009 goals/wishlist too:)


  1. those are great goals. I agree with a few of them...

  2. some of your goals are some of mine so i hope you are successful

  3. great list! You can do it!!!! :) I've actually done this on my blog already, but i've been recently thinking about updating it so mines will be up eventually too! :)