Sunday, October 4, 2009

NABA Conference 2009

Good Afternoon! How are you guys???

Yesterday around 4pm I got back to campus from the NABA Conference...

That was an experience I learned so much from...Interviews went well but could have gone better...for the most part I am proud of myself and think I made a great impression on the companies I interviewed for...I just wish I wasnt as nervous as I was but it was just all so overwhelming yet beautiful.

I am now back on campus just soaking everything in and doing assignments that were due last week that I missed and getting much needed rest in...I was so ready to get back on campus and have my normal college life back again lol

Quote of the day: Seize the day because you never know if you get another one!!!

Love you guys...thanks for your prayers...they were defintely needed and Ill talk you guys later!!xoxo

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