Sunday, August 29, 2010

cleaning out the closet! (update)

Hello everyone!!!

I know I havent been blogging as much as I used. There is alot going on in this mind of mine that sometimes I just dont have the words...

September 21st will mark my 90 days at my temp job and honestly I have no idea where that is going...I have spoken to people and I have been getting nothing but positive feedback BUT I am starting to feel that this is not the place for me just simply because I would rather go into something of course more secure and relative to my major.

GOOD NEWS (not confirmed yet):

My friend from college gave me an insight to a job in Cincinnati, OH that offers security and the ability to travel which I have been craving for lately (living at home is getting a little old...I WANT TO GO PLACES!!!)

This opportunity will allow me to branch out and travel while giving me some job security:) SOOOOO I am praying that this works out for me. The deadline for this opportunity is Sept. 9th and from there I find out whether or not I can be interviewed. The best part about it all is I was able to know someone at this job that believes I could be a great fit so like the saying says, "its not always what you know, sometimes its who you know".

BTW, I cleaned out my closet!!! It feels so good:) It is really going to help me in the morning...:)

Well thats all that is going on with me...I still havent found too many things to do outside of shopping and going to the movies w/o my friends (all are in school or up north).


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  1. Good luck with the whole job thing. Traveling jobs seem so cool.. I'm also one of those people who get bored in the same place.. I rearrange my room like every two-three weeks. Hahaa..