Saturday, August 14, 2010

a little update

Hello you guys! It is a beautiful Saturday. I will probably more than likely hit up the mall:) What about you what are your plans for today?

NEWAYS...yesterday was crazy, beautiful, strange, up, and down. I had one of the busiest days at work. I was making mistakes (not all day but I made more than one) but yet my boss was really happy with me...strange right?! I it was just all over the place...have you ever had a day like this where everything is going right and wrong and you just feel weird all over?! To top it all off though I met a new friend that I can see myself hanging out with at work (you know during lunch)...she's from the east coast and knows how to dress...she is very outgoing...def someone I can see myself spending alot of time with:) We kind of think alike and we had great conversation...something that I missed from my past Im happy about this newness:)

It is amazing how God puts whatever you need in your life to lift your spirits when you feel you are all alone:)

Well today I am feeling refreshed and eager to just relax and enjoy the day:)


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  1. You seem like a very positive person which is fabulous. I believe in the law of attraction x
    Love your blog xx