Wednesday, August 18, 2010

life without love....

When I think of a life without love, I can only picture me...

I am realizing that I have no love because I simply havent fallen in love with myself, so I have just been living a life without love-ing myself...

This week has been lllooonnnggg for me. There are alot of challenges I am facing with my self-esteem and just overall confidence when it comes to my social and professional life...

Losing weight is my battle and I have yet to win it...but I know someday I will...sssooooo I think I may just try weight watchers because I just cant do it on my own nemore...

It is mental and starts with me...this is what I plan to do...I have to confess that I need professional help because I have tried and failed too many times and I dont want to miss out on my tweenties by someday saying "coulda shoulda woulda"

BTW have ne of you used weight watchers...if so, how did it go?!?

I was also thinking about getting a personal trainer...but that may be a little out of my budget.

Well I am soooo tired and sleepy so I will def talk to you guys more later:)



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  2. This touched me heart. keep the faith! :)