Saturday, June 27, 2009

it is what it is... (poem)

life is a turntable
everything swiches to coexistence
no longer am i able to put up or know your type of patience
i want it all at once
my dreams and goals i run at steady pace until i'm done
no longer caring for dance and fun
i am here alone
it is no surprise
because we all grow from
those that aren't for us now
or just through time
but sometimes i do press rewind
and remind myself of once when
cause u can't forget then
right there it all started
where u were their target
good thing trouble don't last always
so that you can enjoy the days
the days of happyness and joy
of your duties you employ
God has shown himself true
and now i must follow through
leaving behind friends, family, and worldly possessions
for it is the lesson of transgression
that is keeping me from stressing
i will recieve the blessing
there is no second guessing
i bring it back to you
and hope you realize the true
words that im giving
just keep on living
God is forgiving....
by Dominique N. R.

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