Monday, June 29, 2009

God is so awesome!!!

Hello are yall? Im doing exceptionally well given circumstance:)

I just want to dedicate this entry to the most high. He is simply so awesome. I was sitting here thinking about all the things I dont have (no job, money, and friends are few), and I had to slap myself into shape because how dare I feel this way when I am still breathing, still in my right mind, still becoming what He wants me to be, still have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on the table. I just want to express that I am grateful for everything. Thank You God for what you are doing in my life. Thank You for showing me what true love is and patience. I think that I need to stop comparing myself to others because my story isnt going to be like anyone elses story, and just because some seem to be excelling or have it better than me right now in this time, this is my time to really get to know me and realize things that maybe I couldnt realize if I had job or was busy doing something else. I know You have something in store for me financially, mentally, and physically because if not you would be all a lie, and I know that is a LIE! You are the truth and You are so real and I love the way You make me feel for real...

I love You I love You
I love You Lord today
Because You cared for me
In such a special way
Thats why I praise You and I lift You up
And I magnify Your name
Thats why my heart is filled with praise
My heart, my mind, my soul belongs to You
You paid the price for me
Way back on calvary
And yes Ill praise You and Ill lift You up
And Ill magnify Your name
Thats why my heart is filled with praise

If you dont know Him...please get to know Him. He is the only way to make it through life:)

Here is a verse to manifest...John 14:6-Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


  1. I love this post! I feel so guilty about not being as religious as I once was. And there is only so much I can say, "I'm young it's okay I have time to be better" but I want to have the relationship with Him I once had I've tried to regain it, go to church more etc. I pray every night, every time I eat. But now it feels more like habit than anything else. I feel like I'm being influenced by my peers in the wrong ways, but I'm not ready to stand alone as a "good christian" and avoid drinking, partying, other activities I shouldn't be doing of the like. Anyways I can really relate to your post!

  2. I can relate as well! I was just having one of those days yesterday. You know, the devil is really slick. I had just prayed the day before yesterday about becoming closer to God, being content yada yada yada. It seems like as soon as I confessed that with all of my might, the devil came in and my cousin called and said she got a new apartment. And you know she couldn't get off the phone without sending me a link for us both to tour. Not only just an apartment but the deluxe apartment in the sky when I say apartment. I was like wow. Then my friend calls and talks about her apartment, her job, she's in school, her and her man are trying to get married and they are expecting a child. I was like wow. I am trying to get my makeup thing off the ground and it seems like everyone had more resources than me. My job just took a major negative shift from one of our clients I work for as well. At that moment I felt like God failed me once again. That it was proof that my faith failed me yet again. And it continues to be a repeating cycle. I muster up some faith and then an arrow comes and pops it and like that it's gone. It's hard to deal with. Esp. when you have to live in the world and try to live for Him. I so totally understand. It's good that you can bounce back, because most people give up.