Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello everyone this is Dominique. I am a senior at Wilberforce University (yay!!! may 2010 it is going down! lol), and I enjoy reading, writing, and music. I am a fun, focused, determined, diligent, and anaytical individual with much to accomplish. I am here to share my feelings, joys, pains, sunshine, and the rain all in one, so if you need to talk, want to hear the real, or just need to know that you are not alone in this thing called Life, then I AM HERE to be myself, learn, and grow, and maybe inspire and encourage someone along the way, so with all that said I am going to leave you with this poem I wrote....

the sun will come out tomorrow by Dominique N. R.
im moving steady at my own pace
feet planted on the ground as i walk through the sand
im ready getting set to go
i look over my shoulder to remember
i see you, me, and us
and i close my eyes and take a deep breathe
thats the last time now to my new beginning
journey unfolds
i look foward to the sun in the distance
its radiance keeps me in a wonder
one day my time will come
as i live, laugh, and love
positivity stays in my radar
my child it will all be worth it
just keep the faith til the morning and thereon
holding on to my patience and longevity
keeping no record of wrong
reminiscing of the lessons learned
i smile and look up once more
my dreams are clearer
the love of my life, seeds, and opportunity
i see them as they stare back at me
my wonderful garden
Your words of wisdom, strength, and courage
i keep and love You forever
i treasure the union
fear has to surrender
destination awaits

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