Friday, June 26, 2009

How many us really have them...??? are you? Im doing good today:) but of course there are some things I am thinking about...

So the subject of today is Friends: How many of us really have them?

What do you do when you finally realize that your friends and you are in not totally different places like 100% but 80% different places (if that makes any sense at all). Yes you still have those moments where you love to talk to them, give advice, or even just be there to listen. There is still that common ground but its that 20% that you just dont agree with and that 20% (you know) will sooner or later turn into double lol...just follow me and hear me out....

Okay so i love who I surround myself with (treat them like sisters). I have learned so much through the years just by their presence, and I guess you can say Im that friend that will be here literally through thick and thin when no one else is here. I have learned the hard way that thats just how I am period, and sometimes people take it as a weakness and uses it againist me as in they know no matter what if no one else cares I will ALWAYS lol (no seriously), so there is no need to worry or put too much energy with doing their part as a friend because of course I am always going to be here right?

My friends know me. They know there are just some things Im not going to do and being that I am 21 you would think I would be interested in things such as partying (i am but not to the extreme of others...i believe in having a good time but you know), drinking, being sexually active, etc., but Im just simply not. I like a quiet night at home with a movie and popcorn. I like writing poetry and reading things that stimulate my mind. I like having a closer relationship with God. I like walks in the park lol...hey thats just me. It doesnt take much. But Neways I know that this is not true for most my age, and Im cool with that. I like being different, but what I dont like is when people dont include you or dont share things with you because of how they think you are going to respond right off the back, but we are suppose to be friends!?!. Thats when it becomes just simply unfair. Just because I dont necessarily do certain things does not mean that I dont want to have fun and enjoy myself (within reason).

Maybe I am too spiritual or little miss goody 2 shoes (some people say) but I mean what is wrong with that. What is wrong with wanting to be right? Im not pressuring you to be me or here to put you down. This is just the way I choose to live my life feel me? So yea someone tell me what you think about this...this is just me of course expressing some things that I have been on my mind for a while and I am just ready to express them because maybe some didnt know how it feels to always know that you will always be isolated because of how you choose to live your life. Also this goes far beyond friends. It can be any relationship you may be in or situation. Let me know your thoughts....

My definition of a friend: caring, trustworthy, honesty, able to share anything with, loving, there no matter what, understanding

If my definition is wrong please let me know cause I dont want to keep living with this definition if it is incorrect.

Well like always here is the quote of the day: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. - Walter Winchell


  1. it's funny... right before i checked your blog, i wrote a post almost about the same thing. i just feel like some people i have associated myself with over the past few years are no longer on the same page as me. so, i completely feel what you going through.

  2. yeah...friends...ha! funny topic for real for real....when it comes to them....once you feel you understand how they treat you, its literally on you, especially if you KNOW they're taking advantage of your friendship style.

    I must apologize whole heartedly if ever you felt i was one of those friends. I know you know me, so even as i apologize, the likelihood of me commiting the same crime again is highly likely. I'm workin on all of that LOL!!!