Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Switching it up....(maybe)

hello you guys. i have to make a confession. i have not been exercising the way that i should because of class, work, and not getting enough sleep, so by the end of day, i am just wore out. since this is an issue for me i decided to switch things up and start working out in the morning before class at 6am because my first class is either 9am or 10am. i was suppose to start the 6am workout this morning but my body was just stuck to the bed...idk what happened. i set my alarm and everything, BUT i am definitely starting my 6am workout tomorrow. i notice that when i post an entry about something. it could be nething. i follow through because i feel some obligation telling you guys instead of keeping it inside my head. i guess you guys are truely my LETS GO!!!
BTW if you have ever began a journey on losing weight or you are on a start of a weight lose journey, please let me know because i need all the encouragement i can
well until next time. love you all


  1. all the best with that! i hate going to the gym, but i find out that i can do things to keep active without hating the process... do it up big!

  2. All the best with keeping up with the gym! Happy NY

  3. Yaay! You can do it girl!!!!!! I got a pug tummy over the holidays, lol so I'm def on a journey too. I've been going to an exercise class 2x's a week, but I'm about to kick it up a notch.

  4. good luck girl!! i knw how hard it is going in the morning too!! since im not a morning person AT ALL i go about 8pm