Thursday, January 14, 2010

what do you do?

what do you do when you think of something so much that the more you try to occupy your mind on other things, the thought of that something gets stronger?

i guess its like car shopping. when you first start car shopping, you have an idea of what car you would like based on the model, mileage, year, and make, and from there you formulate your dream car. you start to shop around by yourself and sometimes with others that have your best interest in mind...right? well nehoo, you get to shopping and you finally see the car that comes extremely close to your dream car and you just have to have that car BUT of course the car is out of your price range for the moment and it would be best to shop around some more just to ensure you are making the right decision on buying the car. i said all this to say i want that car that i first seen that had my eyes glued even when i went to shop around some more BUT how can i get the car if its out of my price range at the moment.

btw the "something" that i want or thinking of is not a car. its simply used for an example.

when that something (whatever it may be) is steady on your mind constantly...what do you do? do you hope and pray that something will come back, wait for it to be in range at the right time, or simply just go looking for something else to replace or come close to that something you cant stop thinking about? any suggestions?? anybody???

dont be afraid to leave a comment...i really want to know how you feel about this:)


  1. i can dig this one!!! sometimes the thought we DoN't want to have does get stronger for that very same reason. its very ironic. and crazy. but thats life. i feel like even though we feel like we want somethin outside of our sensible "budget", the best thing to do is trust that God has provided us with everything we NEED. its simple in theory but its a real challenge to walk in faith about the things we want....especially when what we want is sooooo so very close to the things we KNOW God desires us to have (peace, security, love, joy, life). For me, when i can't stop thinkin about those "somethings", whatever they may be, i try to change my focus to what I know God wants for everything has its time place and reason....and who's to say that letting it consume you will have a negative effect? you might be consumed by a thought that encourages you to strive to make yourself better so you're in the right position to readily receive whats yours.....idk...i'm rambling now LOL

  2. I understand! I was just thinking similarly about something close to this the other day....there are things I want in life soooo bad that I envision myself attaining it. One thing in particular is important to eye is steadily trying to obtain that prize. All there is left to do now is pray. Pray, pray, pray and if it's meant, God will grant it to you. Create a vision board if you will!