Friday, September 4, 2009

btw...where is this girl?

is she never going to come out with any music anymore??

if you have info..let me know


  1. umm i think she is getting signed to a new label or something like that.. i follow her on twitter

  2. ...&& hasn't even been a year since she dropped HUMAN?! So she still has "current" music, the sad thing is people aren't really supporting her! =/

    I love Bran too so i hope she stays afloat for many more yrs, to come!! It's sad how people just depreciate the legends these days...even poor MJ is just now being appreciated like he should have all along (without nods to the lying media trashing his persona!x-/)

    but yeah, i love bran & i'll leave it at that for I find anymore Random reasons to Vent about my Love for MJ!!! LMBO ;o)

  3. yea i know she just freshly put out HUMAN (fab album) but its like i dont see her on tv or doing concerts

  4. oooo ok.. when i first read the post, my thoughts were the same as Shandra E's.. but i see you meant in things besides cds.. welp, i still watch moesha on noggin lol..