Tuesday, September 29, 2009

time has come!!!

Hello all!!! Today it is getting chilly outside. I think Ohio is skipping fall and heading straight to winter....

This week I am so focused on the NABA conference I was telling you guys about. During the pre-registration, we had to post our resumes for companies to view and pick from. I have two interviews that I am oh so excited about....I have so much to do between now and then...God is lining things up for me and now it is time for me to grab and take the opportunity!!!...keep praying for me like you guys have been and Ill do the same for you...

Well thats it for me...Have a great day!!:)


  1. i think the weather here in PA is on the same accord as well its straight up cold!!! goOdluck with your interviews lifting you up in prayer now!

  2. Go get em' girl...take the Lord with you everywhere you go

    (hey, don't 4get 2 follow me)