Monday, September 14, 2009


This is the word that explains us as beautiful women in entirety: ROMANCE which simply states "choose me." I feel that we all just want to be chosen. Its in our DNA and there is no way we can hide from it or deny. In this game of love, its bitter and its sweet. It can be so beautiful but change into your present or future agony. I believe this is why we struggle and why things are so complicated. Guys do not want to wine and dine, go on dates, but is quick to hit and quit it, and we allow them to do so because we want to be the chosen one. We set our standards but dont apply them to our everyday lives. It's one thing to go to college and learn and it is another to be able to perform duties in the workplace. You cant do one without the other, but I feel one weighs more than the other. Why do we allow these actions and violations? Why dont we start setting our standards and applying them? Why are we walking around accepting things we know are wrong? We know when we are being violated from the "hey shawty" to the constant disrespect of inappropriate hand gestures and foul language. We just all want to be chosen and thats ok but ladies let's set the standard and apply them no matter the battle...

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  1. these are definitely words of wisdom i feel so saddened when i see woman allowing themselves to be degraded in such a way but in the same token i understand the vulnerability that is there...because i too have been there i just pray we can find the worth within ourselves and begin to set and not only set the standards but apply them to our lives.