Friday, September 11, 2009

so bored here at work....but something came to mind

ive often wondered what it would be like if i could just press the rewind button
would the pain of losing you just go away?
if i can look back and rekindle all the great memories we shared
would it in the end be worth it?
would i be the individual that i see in the mirror when i wake in the morning to start a new day?
could i have hugged you more and told you in words that i love you?
will we ever meet again in heaven?
this heartbreak is not over a guy that i had the chance of being with in a moment
this heartbreak is from losing that special someone that adored me from the day i was born and looked at me like i was the most precious thing in the world
idk why you just came to mind but i do still miss you and i know you are in heaven smiling down on me

love you PAPA:)

have you ever lost someone you loved that was dear to your heart?
if so share if you dont mind

btw i would like to take the time out to remember those we lost in 9/11.

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