Wednesday, September 9, 2009

just stopping to say hello....:)

hello are you im cool...counting down the days til graduation and enjoying my last moments at the wu (wilberforce university)

i had a great labor day weekend...i went to cedar point (basically the six flags in ohio)!!!

lately i have been meeting new people and really been focusing on what i need to focus is work...class is class.

i am getting anxious and ready to go to the conference i was telling you guys about...i plan to buy new clothes and really trying to get myself totally ready so that there will be no excuses and i will know in my heart that i gave my all...

how are things for you guys...btw i am so thankful that i have reached the 50 followers guys are the best and you make me feel like im the best

well chow for now...i really dont have nething else to say but thanks for reading and following and thanks for giving your you guys and ill communicate to you guys later:)


  1. COngrats on hitting 50 followers!!!!! BIG DEAL!!!! *clapping* and yes... you are the best! ;)

    -kelly of *AF*

  2. cOngratz on hitting 50 and goOdluck with the conference!