Tuesday, November 3, 2009

60 Followers YAY!:)

Thank you all for following me. I really do appreciate it. I hope that you are here to still live....grow...and learn with me because I am doing the same.

These past two weeks have been so hectic and mind consuming. I just want to lay down and rest until I am tiredless. Senior year is no joke. I just want to graduate. Is that too much for me to ask for?

What university do you know that doesnt offer classes on a consistent basis, and then get mad at you, the student, for wanting to take a certain class because you have taken every class there is to take and you just need ONE more class! I just dont understand at all. You have to almost bind over backwards, do a flip, spit out your lungs, and die and come back just to take a class that should be offered to you at no consequence and in the first place. Why Why Why? I just need to know.

Im over it now but I just had to rant because maybe some of you are going through the same or similar, or just some thing.

Word of advice: get ready for the storm because it is going to come!

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  1. i really appreciate your insight and enjoy your blog. some of your topics have made me think about my own life and made me look deeper into me. God Bless. I would really appreciate it when you get the time, to check out my blog. I dont have any followers and i would love some! Again God Bless!