Wednesday, November 4, 2009


ever wonder why birds were made to fly?
i have once or twice
i like to think it is there only way to escape what they cant endure
so they fly away
i ask you now
should this be the conclusion?
is this why as humans we werent made to fly
but more so made to endure and last
and perservere to the end
nothing is impossible and nothing is unbearable
because we were made to handle, maintain, and prevail


  1. My first time here, and I have to say, if humans had wings, we'd have some serious air traffic problems, lol. Though right about now, I'd love a pair, so that I could flap away and go visit friends sprinkled all across the globe instead of forking out $$ to fly everywhere, heh.

    PS - The header pic for your blog is beautiful! :)

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