Monday, November 30, 2009

my heart races faster than my mind can think
while everything lies out of balance

what do I do?
pressure is caused by the ones so dear and precious
so I try to remain unfearful
but Lord knows fear is all that lives here
and courage hasnt knocked at the door once

so again what do I do?
when opportunity for someone else keeps peeping through my window
how can I get him to find the key to the one that shelters me?
and how do I learn to trust this instinct that is telling me to run?
when Im on a freeway with heavy traffic
where's my magic

does prosperity come to those who wait?
or the opposite
because as long as I have been on this swing I should be higher than the mountains
almost hearing the angels singing
so I will stop and come back down to earth
because maybe its just that simple
or maybe not
or maybe just maybe my mind needs time to...think

In these times and at this moment, alot is happening in our world and sometimes we dont take out the time to get to know ourselves and what we really want. Remember that you have to remain in your time and stay prayerful. Your blessing will come, but just calm down and think and let God speak to you. As I type this to you I am also speaking to myself. Its not easy not knowing what lies ahead. I mean like no clue and you have everyone in your ear telling you what and how your life should go because of their past or maybe because they can see your beautiful story unfold. So again take the time to think things through and give yourself time. Im not saying dont take sound advice but really analyze your choices and options. The world is your hands not the other way around.

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