Tuesday, December 22, 2009


How are you guys? Is everyone ready for Christmas and New Years? Well I am...I am thankful for whats in store this holiday season no matter the outcome. As you can see I have changed around my blog a little bit because it is just simply time for a change. Its still the same but different. I dont want to go too far out of my element. I hope you like some of the changes and if not...well...idk what to tell you lol

Well just in case I dont get to tell you guys Merry Christmas....MERRRRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!!

AND since Im in the swing of things I guess I can tell you what I want for Christmas and my New Years Resolution. For Christmas I just want to be happy and be around those that I love. My New Years Resolution is to simply succeed at whatever I put my mind to whether it be losing weight, graduating from college, or getting my first car. I can go on and on, but I just want to be in God's will and purpose:)

Well ttyl xoxo

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