Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am virtue
And proud
Pure and soulful
I'll scream out loud
I am blessed
See my smile
I don't want those clothes
Cause they don't fit no way
I don't need to say those words
Cause God's words are all i need to say
I don't need to hate
Cause im too busy in praise
I don't need to conform to the world
Cause heaven is coming forever and a day
I am gonna live my life like it's golden
Can't stop won't stop
I am gonna find him
Even on the mountain top
I am going to fulfill my destiny
And neva let it flop


  1. I love that poem, and the colorful rose. Thanks for following me

  2. Great poem...and pretty picture
    Im digging your blog...come check out and follow mine. Im following you now come return the love.