Tuesday, December 1, 2009

an old but goodie poem

head is spinning...wish i didnt...dive in but i did...my life my life my life~nicole wray "regrets"

wake up and see the sunshine

wipe the crust and realize

this morning wont be here for long

and soon youll be gone with one dear blow

nobody knows the hour, day, or way

so quit complaining and try another way

life is too short for tears

or disease or any fear

love yourself thats what you and ive been told

never come off too bold

let the story unfold

but how can i precieve and think this way dom

when i see all the hurt and pain and where it is coming from

i dont want to wipe the crust and see the sunshine

i want to be blind cause thats where i find my peace of mind

i wish i didnt know these things they tell me

i just want to be and live free

but nobody understands me

feel me

well you do share some things that are true

but that aint you

and to sit, cry, and worry

well youll continue to be blurry

and the furry thats inside that you remain blind

will continue to build

and what you are will be unlived

now thats the deal...so...now do you feel ?

This is an old poem that I wrote at a time in my life where things were simply confusing and I am in that same state right now but about something different such as my future and what is next. In the poem, I have a hint as to where I should be but I cant say the same for right now in my life...idk yall

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