Monday, December 14, 2009


I have wanted to speak on this subject for a while now and Im pretty sure this will not be the only post on this subject from me. It is in my spirit to speak on this subject because I feel we are living in a time where many are not trying to live up to virtue. Now yes as humans we are born into sin and are also given our own will and it is up to us what we decide to do with that will. You can either give it to God or give it to something else other than God.

I understand virtue as simply living in righteousness and upholding God's principles of faith, love, and hope. I struggle with virtue everyday as I am pretty sure most of you do too. From the negative thoughts to the storms that come in life, sometimes it is hard to maintain your/my virtue. It it also a struggle when it seems like those that dont uphold virtue are given earthly blessings, and it seems as if God has forgotten about you. When things dont simply happen for me/us like they used to or in our time, we began to feel doubt God. This is nature. We are nature. We are just dust that God gave life to.

Im going to get a little personal. If you have read my previous blog posts, you will see that I feel strongly about being a virgin. I just want to be that Proverbs Woman truthfully. I want to be able to walk down the aisle in a full white dress where I am completely covered in white and not have to look over my shoulder every five seconds and feel some type of way about wearing a white dress. I want to do things the right way especially in this area. I do not pass judgement on anyone that fornicates outside of marriage. My closest of closest that are dear to me have had sex outside of marriage. This has always just been a dream of mine and one that I want to come true even if everything else doesnt come through for me.

I am human and have fallen short. I can be the first to tell you that I struggle with stress and depression. In other words, I am not as strong as I should be in hope and faith. There are times when God tells me to do something and I dont do it out of being fearful and not having strong faith. I am working on all these things because I am seeing He can give and He can take away. Those gifts that He gives us to use for Him is just that. We have to use them for His will and when the opportunity presents itself, you better go for it even if your humanistic side doesnt want to.

I want to encourage everyone especially my female peers not to give up on your virtue. Stay in God's keeping. Im sure it will all work out the way it is intended for your best interest. Im not just speaking on sex persay but just your overall life. Be the best you can be in God's will!


  1. I respect you so much on this path you have chosen to follow. It's hard I know, we live in a world where the temptation of sex is ALL around us. It makes me glad that someone is so serious and strong willed to hold on to something that is so precious. I can't say that I stuck to my plan to wait but it's the best gift you can give your future husband. Its rare to find a woman like you in this world. What I like best is that you're not sitting here pushing religion on other people but at the same time not losing yourself and your faith. Good luck on your journey and I wish you the besT!!!!

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