Monday, December 14, 2009

I just bought makeup for less than $5

Hello my fellow bloggers,

I am just coming through to say hhheeeyyyy and I am happy to see some new inspirations (67 followers yay!!) I like to call you my inspirations because in a way you guys keep me striving and make feel somewhat important. Thank you for stopping through and showing me love:) xoxo

btw I just came from Dollar General (I repeat Dollar General) and bought some great makeup for under $5. I got the L.A. Colors: 5 Color Eyeshadow TEASE for $1.50 (I like to call it the rainbow pallete) and 12 Eyeshadow Pallete TRADITIONAL for $1 (this has the color white to dark brown...basically all your neutral colors) I cant wait to use them!!!

also btw these are some items i saw at forever21 and faith21 that are so adorable...