Thursday, July 30, 2009


10 Random Facts (you may not know about me) :

1. I AM SHY at first. It takes time for me to get comfortable with somebody. I will admit I do have a major trust issue...sometimes I miss out on some great stuff because of it. But once I get comfortable, you cant stop me from talking.

2. I DON'T HAVE A FAVORITE COLOR. I used to pick pink because I thought since I was a girl that should be my favorite color. I now believe that every color has its own essential role. One does not out weigh the other in my world. They are all beautiful in their own way.

3. I HAVE DEJA VU. For the most part it comes at the weirdest time. It be the most simplest (is this a word?) things that have no relevance at all (this is not a sentence but oh get me). It just comes out of nowhere. Maybe it will serve a meaning as time passes.

4. I LOVE HELPING OTHERS. I feel so much better when I am able to give someone encouragement and help them with situations to the best of my abilities. It gives me a sense of confidence and purpose.

5. I PUT PEOPLE ON HIGH PEDESTALS at first contact/glance. As soon as a person does anything out of character, I am quick to judge and I don't want to admit it but I keep a red X calculator. You can read between the lines. It does help me to weed out alot of nonsense, but it can get unfair.

6. I CANT GO A DAY W/O MUSIC. It is like my therapy. I cant even go to sleep without listening to a song or two.

7. I DON'T WEAR HIGH HEELS. I buy them sometimes, but I never wear them. They really hurt my feet and are just uncomfortable for my foot type (flat feet).

8. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE I DON'T TALK TO ADD ME ON FACEBOOK. I think it is because they want to just be nosey like me. We are never going to have a conversation in person even on facebook but maybe a "happy birthday."

9. I HAVE AN OBSESSION WITH QUOTES, METAPHORS, THEMES, AND SYMBOLISM. This is another form of therapy for me. I am always on someones website, blog, or random fb statuses to find another angle to express common life experiences.

10. I WANTED TO BE A SUPERSTAR. Yes I, Dominique Nicole, wanted to be the next Beyonce, Brandy, Mya, Ashanti, Monica, etc. I wanted my name in bright lights ( and the audience goes wild..."ahhhhhhh"). I had it all figured out in my mind of course, but as I got older I realized that that's not really what I wanted for my life. I couldn't handle all of that pressure on me 24/7. But I have found that I'm still a SUPERSTAR in my own light.


  1. i feel you on #8. it's so dumb. that's when you start deleting people.

  2. # 8...girrrrlll... ME TOO!!!! lol! I wont request people I dont talk to or havent talked to in forever. However if you request me...ur pix and stuff is free game..causeim going in! lol!

    and #10... are a star!!! :)

    -Kelly of *AF*