Monday, July 27, 2009

Is it just me??

Hey everyone...How are you? Me? I'm counting down 'til I'm back at school....

Today's subject is text messaging. Is it just me or is text messaging becoming the ultimate yet annoying/unattached/uninformative/just plain wrong way to communicate? I feel text messaging is taking away from getting to know people and has excused and erased common communication. I am a victim and doer of these things, but it has been brought to my attention again text messaging is ruining our relationships of all kinds. I don't really know how people feel about me or how they feel about a certain subject because of the "lol", "j/k", and constant emoticons. Can we get back to having a normal, informative, non-interrupted conversation? Why is it that when you text someone and the text is becoming too long to text (the conversation is getting good and interesting but it is simply too much to text deserves a phone call!) you call them and they don't answer the phone, yet you were just like a split second ago texting them?

I have concluded that we are becoming people who don't like to really express how we really feel, so we hide behind text messaging. With a text message you don't have to answer a question right away or say how you really feel right then and there. You can go and think for an hour and text back, but on the phone you can't hide how you feel naturally. You have to talk. There is no time to think of a quick way to get out of babysitting the bad kid, going out on a date with someone you don't want nothing to do with ever in life, or saying I love you.

Does anyone else feel this way
(let me know)? Also, I want to touch on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. We spend so much time looking at (I'm a criminal too.) who changed their relationship status, what so and so said on so and so wall, did you see what he/she said on him/her status, did you see the pics she posted...she need to stop, and on and on. I personally am the most addictive of them all. I'm waiting on the day when I can just get off of facebook and live life physically instead of electronically totally. Don't get me wrong I do believe in change and technology, but at the same time nothing can take away a genuine hug, true conversation face to face, and just the physical person period whether it be your friend, lover, or family. Let's go back a little:)

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