Friday, July 31, 2009


These are all untitled...just me reminiscing.

You invade my thoughts
What I had for you I thought was lost
The reoccurrences have to stop
It is getting harder to sleep
Cause every time I close my eyes
There u are saying those sweet lines
It is taking too long to get over
And somehow you are taking over
It’s like a force of nature
Back and forth, up and down
Weird yes but there is no way around it
The more I say no and forget you
The more I can’t get my mind off of you
When your name is mentioned
I get embarrassed and I hope once again it is mentioned
There is nothing like it
And until then I’ll just have to fake it
And play tough girl
Hold my head up though I want you in my world
Just for that last kiss
Last wish and to hold you
Talk and let the conversation unfold too
Man I gotta get over you
Like right now though
But walking down this hallway
Every morning I see you
And I wait for your quick hello and awkward silence
In my mind I result to secluded violence
Lord knows there is no way for me to hurt you
Even at a chance cause that’s just my virtue
That speaks and reminds me of what it is
And how it has to be with this
All a girl needs is closure
But then these feelings will be at exposure
So thanks for the hurt, pain, mixed feelings, and lessons
I really do appreciate my hidden blessings

Confusion makes me wonder
Frustration is what comes and puts me under
The thought of you is mixed
Cause all I can think about is
What was promised
Happy and sad lies in the mist
Want you to go but you will be missed
I have to admit
Cause as of now I can’t keep your name from my lips
Meditation takes the place
Of seeing your not wanted face
With those juicy this and that
Brown eyes to accent for fact
You are the epitome of what daddy said no to
Well never to be exact
I want to run to you but run back
Let me stop that

you appeared as the one
but now i want none
"what if?" i say to myself
thank God i found out you were nuthin else
i thought it was you
but learned what i thought wasn't true
i thought it could be
the many dreams of you and me
i thought this was different
thought you could build my confidence and
i thought i thought i thought and i thought
i thought i knew but i had noooooo idea............
i know now that my what ifs could have changed my life
i know now that you are exactly NOT
i know now we could neva be
there is no one perfect but i can't let you get the best of me
just think the thoughts could have lead to my misery


  1. Hey Nique, I enjoy ur Blog too! Thought I was already following :) Great poems and I luv that flower up there!

  2. the first one.. i related to in every way!!! matter fact them ALL!! beautiful words!! heartfelt! and i love how in the last one.. you thanked God you found out he was nothing else!! loved that line.. !! its crazy how our own thoughts can pull us right back to the place we dont want to be!