Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feel like crying but He makes me smile again:)

Hey I know it is late but I just had to come with this post...btw how are you guys?

Anyways, I am getting ready to go out of town tomorrow for a family reunion and idk today I just got this feeling. I was of course thinking about my future, finances, and love of course and I just got this overwhelming feeling. I was taking a bath (just relaxing as usual) and tears began to fall down my face. When the tears started, I was unsure why tears were just falling (have you ever just cried and not known why you were crying?...maybe it just happens to me). As the tears were falling I began to think of course for 1. why am I crying? 2. where is all this emotion coming from? So while thinking I began to think of all the things God is doing with me and I began to thank Him. He told me He had me and everything was going to be alright. There has been alot of things coming clear to me over this summer not just in my life, but He is showing Himself also in others, and I guess I am in a place where I am so scared but Im so ready...idk its hard to explain it all even as I am typing but I just want to share that God will comfort you while in the midst of your troubles. Everything is not what I want it to be but He is just making a way out of NO WAY!!! I guess for the first time I am seeing the God I serve and who I tell others about in a deeper place. I am beginning to be happy and content with many things. Have you ever known you were destined for greatness but at the same time you are so afraid and scared? I am beginning to erase this negative spirit and I am beginning to like this place. I know this is only the beginning...:)

Now I can go to sleep lol...sweet dreams and goodnight:)


  1. i feel this on so many levels, especially the whole being destined for greatness but still being a little afraid. i'm also tryna erase the negative spirit. you're in my prayers, girl.

  2. so many inspirational things said in this!!!
    and yes, like Deona I definitely agree with you both about being destined for greatness...If the God we serve is Great...well i figure we must be destined for greatness because when He's allowed to be a part of our lives, he shows up and out! ;)

    and wow, i can remember a time when i would worry so much & God quieted my spirit & said "don't worry; i have you...your life is in my hands"!! those were his words and it blew me away to know he not only hears me/us...but he cares enough to lift my burdens!!!

    and lastly...all through college he reminded me of this scripture so i want to share it with you JEREMIAH 29:11 "For I know the Thoughts I think towards you Says The Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future"!! God is so good isn't he!!! :)

    ....ok one more thing...i could've sworn i was your blog follower, but i guess not?? no wonder i wasn't getting any updates?! anyhow, i am now!!! lol..

  3. I have been reading Jeremiah 29 and day by day he is just showing me so much that I cant even put into words...YES HE IS SO GOOD!!!