Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finding Absolution...(poem)

i am lost and i am sad

i am confused and it feels so bad

u look at me and it seems to be alright

but u dont see my tears at midnight

im happy to know that im not alone

but still it doesnt take away the stones thrown

im not dead but i feel halfway there

but i know that He still cares

life is something else i know we lose sometimes

is my thoughts and doings such a crime

im missing u and it is so hard to say

but with myself i cant play

we are to grow up and not down

so that one day we may be less lost and found

crazii feelings all over the place

keeps me with this sad face

cause i dont know what to make or do with you

my God im so confused....

oldie but goodie:)


  1. Nice blog.
    Check mine out and follow and ill do the same to your blog.

  2. aww.. sad. but still written very well. great poem.