Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IT'S NECCESSARY! II: Where are you headed?

Lately I have of course been thinking about my future and all that it will entail (its my theme of this summer), and I have found that in order to reach all my possibilities I have to let go, let God, and move on. You cant just go somewhere without a starting point. You have to make plans and take things step by step. We are not scared of the finish but more so of the start. Go at your own pace. Yes you may see others and what they have, but your story is going to be your story. You just may have to erase some phone numbers, delete friends off of these social networks, or simply isolate yourself from those you know aint no good for you at this time. You have to struggle and have things happen so one day you can enjoy and appreciate all the things God has waiting for you, so learn from the past, take advantage of the present, and prepare for the future because it is coming. To all of you who are just like me on a steady grind for your independence, knowledge, and wisdom, I tell you now that you are not alone, and God has you in his hands. He loves us too much to forsake us, so in all you do, give your all without comparison to the next person. Follow your own dreams and no one elses and remember to listen to His voice instead of others that see your potential and are willing to say or do anything neccessary to make sure you dont own up to your highest statue. Love you all and God bless you:)


  1. very good post; inspirational!!! Ok so I've ALWAYS been obsessed with my future...so much that i rarely "live in the moment"....& you're right, so many people will see the potential & try TOO hard to block you from reaching it without them??!! lol...sometimes they're not trying to keep you from the future as much as they're trying to slow you down just so they can catch up...some people don't want to see others get ahead in life untill they can say "me too"....otherwise they're afraid you'll become so "goal oriented" you won't have time for them??!

  2. SAY THAT!! i like this post!!